How QUEST Works

You do not have to attend endless meetings for the rest of your life.

You do not have to associate with others whose main identity is as an alcoholic or addict.
You can, if you want to. But, why would you want to do that?

Instead, why not associate with people who are living quality lives, drug-free and successful?
QUEST tm seminars show you what has worked for thousands of people in many different places and circumstances. It is based on sound, scientific, psychological principles of self-management.

It is constantly updated as new research comes in. Individuals generally learn all they need to know in 16-20 sessions over 8 - 12 weeks.

We begin with a four-pronged methodology that you apply to your particular situation.

1. Mastering Your Motivation. Learn how people with substance abuse problems defeat themselves when they try to control their use. Many have tried to quit on their own, but have been unsuccessful. We teach you what works. Rather than view yourself as "powerless" and as having to "surrender," you will learn to regain power over your motivation.

2. Conquering the Urges. Urges can arise as thoughts or ideas, mental images, or feelings. Usually these "urge triggers" are well practiced and rehearsed so that you react immediately. It may seem as if you don't even think about it. You "suddenly" find yourself seeking or using your drug of choice. In QUEST tm you learn how to identify your specific urge patterns and triggers, and how to stop them from causing you to use or relapse.

3. Mastering Your Moods. Conquering a drug problem also involves learning or re-learning to be in control of your mind and your moods. Learn how to rule them rather than being a slave to your emotions, urges and drives. Some individuals relapse because of negative moods, some relapse after a success or a positive experience. It may seem confusing until you understand how your brain works.

4. Balancing Your Life. Thinking about, seeking, and using your drug-of-choice has probably taken a lot of your time and energy. You have spent large sums of money over the months or years. You have also changed your life to include these drug-related activities and pushed away other activities that could (or used to) give you pleasure or comfort. What did you "used to" do for fun, before alcohol/drugs? Who were your friends? How were your family relationships? What has been missing?

QUEST helps you identify the ten major areas of your life and regain your balance that has been lost to drugs or other complex behaviors habits. Keep what works, re-design what doesn't.