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[5 of 5 stars] An outstanding book that helps stamp out fear!
Reviewer: Lawrence L. Tracy, Tracy Presentation Skills from Alexandria, VA
"Fear Free Selling" is an outstanding book that provides highly practical advice on overcoming "sales anxiety." "Fear of public speaking" is the leading phobia in the United States, and I will be strongly urging participants in my workshops to read Dr. Sindelar's book. His series of "tips" translate complex empirical data from the field of human behavior into advice easy to understand and implement immediately.

Dr. Sindelar systematically shows you how to control both natural and learned fears so they work for you, not impede you. Sales representatives--and in the case of my clients who must improve their public speaking skills--will benefit greatly from the insights found in this invaluable book.
Lawrence L. Tracy, Tracy Presentation Skills, Alexandria, VA

See what Fear-Free Selling can do for you:

  1. Overcome the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Success.
  2. Make Presentations and Speeches with Ease.
  3. Network with others Fearlessly and enjoyably.
  4. Learn the two little words that can save (or ruin) your life.
  5. Identify and Crush those Hidden Fears that Block your Potential
  6. Use Fast and Easy techniques to Conquer Fears of Rejection.
  7. Learn to Love Selling and Promoting.
  8. Promote yourself and your products fearlessly.
  9. Cure sales call reluctance

OVER 50 Tools
And much more! Over 50 tools, tips, techniques and tricks specifically designed to make fear almost magically disappear.

Beginning 30 years ago, I began to research and identify fear as the most powerful negative motivator. Whether you know it or not, fear controls much of your thinking and behavior.

Many of your fears are hidden, but still exert control over your personal and professional life. Some fears surface as anger and aggression, some as procrastination, some as self-sabotage.

Now, with these field-tested tips, tools, techniques and tricks, you can take control of your fears. You will find out what hidden fears you have. You will learn how fears traps you and keeps you from reaching the goals you want for yourself.
"Many, many thanks for the smashing job. Your two presentations on Networking Skills and Conflict Resolution were a real hit. Here are some of the comments from the participants:

"Dr. Sindelar is one of the best presenters I have seen."
"Great interaction with the audience."

"Very useful information today."

"Can apply so much of what we learned today."

"Great techniques learned."

Jacqueline Miller

American Osteopathic Association

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