About Dr. Scott Sindelar
Dr. Scott Sindelar is an expert on raising emotional intelligence, specifically conquering fear and anger, and developing self-management, leadership and people skills.

He is the author of Fear-Free Selling How To Become Absolutely Fearless Selling Anything: Products, Services, Even Yourself.

He also wrote the book on Conquering the Fear of Rejection.

He co-authored 10 Secrets of Marketing Success.

He has developed audiotape seminars on Fearless Selling, Defusing Anger in the Workplace, and Road-Rage The Cure.
Married 32 years
Parents of a wonderful daughter (adopted from Korea)
Musician (guitar)
Pilot (Trike)
Enjoys friendships, camping, reading, competitive shooting, swimming, travel, movies, theater, road trips, good food, exploring life.
Personal Information
As a forensic psychologist and neuropsychologist for over 25 years, he evaluates some of the most disturbed minds. As a business psychologist, he examines some of the most successful minds and businesses. The result is a deep understanding of the psychology of fear, influence, and motivation.

He has applied these techniques in the real world of business. He is a "Recovering" Hospital Administrator and has created businesses from the ground floor up.

He successfully climbed to the summit of Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere (23,032 feet). As a mountain climber, he knows the value of teamwork, of self-motivation, and of mastering fear.
Flying in Mexico
Scott Sindelar, Ph.D., PC
Business Psychology
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