Marriage Enrichment - Science has been identifying what makes happy couples happy. It isn't that hard to do, but it does require knowing what works.
Pre-Marital Counseling and Assessment - Is your partner right for you? Are you ready for the big step into marriage
Couples Counseling - Not all couples are, or can get, married.
Marital and Premarital Counseling
Over 30 years experience in designing, running and evaluating treatment programs
Practical, scientific, field tested approaches to addiction recovery
Supportive of 12-Step/AA approaches if they work for you.
Expert on Alternative approaches
Developed the QUEST - Quality Sobriety Seminars: We teach you how to attain and maintain sobriety without the need for diagnosis, treatment, and medical record confidentiality problems.
Addictions Assessment and Recovery
Personality and Intelligence Assessments
Learning Ability and Learning Disorder Assessments
Neuropsychological (Brain Disorder,Memory, and Trauma) Assessments
Forensic (Criminal) Assessments Addiction Assessments - DUI / DMV
Personal Injury Assessments
Executive Assessments and Personal Coaching
Psychological Assessments
Dr. Sindelar has presented internationally from Singapore to Saudi Arabia.
He is past President of the National Speakers Association, Arizona Chapter
His topics include the services listed to the right as well as several business related topics including:

Executive Presentation Skills
Conflict Resolution
Fear-Free Selling
Professional Speaking
Scott Sindelar, Ph.D., PC
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Stress and Mood Disorders
Anxiety and Fear
Anger (I have developed an effective set of techniques to overcome anger)
Low Self Esteem - Self esteem is a harmful myth; learn how to transcend this problem.